5 Easiest Computer Network Examples that You will Love

If you are a newbie in the field of computer networking, then you can be easily confused about the term computer network. In order to understand the concept of computer networks thoroughly, I am providing you with the 5 easiest computer network examples that you’ll love.

Networking is an essential part of modern technology and it plays a crucial role in the world of business, education, healthcare, transportation, etc. For those who are new let’s just begin with a short and sweet definition of the term Computer Network and its basic types as this will help you in understanding real-life examples of computer networks in the modern world.

easiest computer network examples

What is a computer network?

A computer network is a type of network that is built to connect several computers together and to allow the users to share files and resources. A computer network is a system of computers and devices that are connected to each other and to the internet. There are two types of networks:

1. Wired network

A wired network is a type of network which is connected to the internet through cable or wire. It is the most common type of network and it is mostly used by most businesses due to its speed and security.

2. Wireless network

In a wireless network devices are connected to each other and the internet without a wire. In fact, devices use radio signals for communicating with each other. It is a flexible way to connect the devices because you can get rid of messy wires. In addition to this, a wireless network is equally secure, affordable, and reliable.

These types are basically on the basis of the communication medium (wire or signal) being used to connect devices. Besides this, a computer network can cover as much area as you want. If you want more details on this then check out my blog post on four types of computer networks on the basis of area.

Super-Exciting examples of computer networks in the real world

Computer networks have become the main part of our life nowadays. Everyone loves to be connected with others, especially in this age of computer networks and social media. In this regard, the internet is the biggest thing that has been invented, which has brought people together. Here are 5 super-easy examples of computer networks that will enhance your overall understanding of computer networks.

The “Internet” (Example 1)

This is probably one of the best examples of a computer network that I can give you. Most of us are familiar with the term “Internet”. If you look at any tech dictionary then you’ll be amazed to know that “Internet” is a combination of two words: “Inter” and “Net”. The word “Inter” is a short form of interconnection and the “Net” word is an alternative to network. So, you can define the internet as the interconnection of multiple computer networks.

The Internet is a place where you can find anything. You can find a job, you can find a partner, you can find a product, you can find everything. Yes, I am right. You can find everything on the internet. You can easily connect with your friends, family, and even unknown ones via the internet. There are many uses of the internet.

Social media

If you are interested in social networking then you can switch to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On one end Facebook is more generic in nature while Instagram is an exciting social media platform that is specific to photo sharing.

People can do a lot of exciting things with social media platforms. You can create a personal account of yourself and share photos, videos and discussions. You can add friends and you can follow their activities and also send messages to your friends and ask them questions.

Video sharing platforms

YouTube is the most famous video-sharing platform. You can enjoy the videos on YouTube.  Additionally, it is the most popular app for people to listen to music. Yes, you heard me right. You can listen to your favorite songs and you can find new songs as well.


The Internet gives you the power to get all the benefits from E-Commerce websites like Amazon. Amazon is the most famous website for online shopping and you can buy almost any product through Amazon easily.


One of the most important and easy ways to work on the internet is freelancing. Working online means that you don’t have to get up from the comfort of your home, you can work as per your wish. But freelancing is a very tough task if you don’t know how to get started. There are thousands of people out there who earn their money online. There are a lot of benefits associated with working online. Some top-rated freelancing websites that people love are Fiverr and Upwork.

Online banking or E-banking (Example 2)

The second easiest computer network example is online banking. Computer networks like Internet have a strong impact on our lives. In today’s world, we cannot imagine our life without technology as it has made our life simpler. Computer networks play important role in our banking system. The modern banking system is the latest form of banking and it is extremely flexible and efficient in usage. It is a system that is used by people to do online banking and other activities.

In traditional banking, people were restricted to the branches where their bank account record resides. However, this is not the case with E-banking. The modern banking system heavily relies on computers, smartphones, and the internet. Most of us are familiar with ATM cards and credit cards. You can use the ATM to withdraw your money from the ATM machine or to use it for buying your groceries in stores. You can use a credit card or ATM card to buy a product online from E-Commerce websites like Amazon. Similarly, you can also transfer your money from one account to another using E-banking mobile apps.

Freelancing platforms heavily support online banking. There are third-party payment processing services such as Payoneer and you can use these services to transfer your earned money to your bank account.

Mobile phone network (Example 3)

Mobile phones are very common nowadays. Everyone owns a mobile phone and uses it for various purposes. A mobile phone is the easiest way to contact someone while you are traveling. You can use a mobile phone for making calls and messaging purposes. With smartphones, you can access the internet to find some information on different topics, check your email, find the location of any restaurant and post any activity on social media. Mobilephone works on the mobile phone network. There are different types of mobile phone networks available.

Most people know the terms like the 3G, 2G, and the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). 2G is the basic network that provides voice services. In this network, the data transfer speed is slow compared to the other two types. 3G is the next generation of mobile phone networks. This type of network offers a faster data transfer rate compared to the previous one. This type of network is used for accessing the internet or downloading movies and music files.

GSM is the most widely used mobile phone network and it is used for text messaging and voice calls. 4G is the fourth generation of mobile phone networks. The 4G networks are used for high-speed data transfer. It is a newer and improved version of the 3G networks. The 4G offers a faster data transfer rate and it is used for high-speed downloading of movies and music. You can also use a 4G smartphone for sending and receiving calls.

Educational institute (Example 4)

Educational institutes especially universities make extensive use of computer networks. In educational institutes, there are many departments that’ll need to access student information like libraries, classrooms, research offices, etc. For this purpose, universities use high-end software packages. Additionally, this software relies on computer networks to link computers in different departments.

Computer labs inside campuses are also connected via computer networks to do a lot of things like posing restrictions on students. Similarly, the internet is shared among students via a secure network that is managed by network administrators working in the IT services cell.

Internet Service Providers (Example 5)

For using the internet, we need internet connectivity. Different companies including mobile phone networks provide internet services to users. Such companies are termed Internet Service Providers or simply ISP. For the distribution of internet services, ISPs use computer networks. When we connect to the internet, we also become a part of the computer network being used by an ISP.

The bottom line

We hope that our 5 easiest computer network examples have improved your level of understanding. There is a hell of other examples as well. You just name it: whether it is a hospital or corporate office or stock exchange, computer networks are everywhere. In short, whenever there is a need to share printers, folders, and files within an organization or even with outside organizations, computer networks are involved. Stay tuned for more updates.

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